Instructions 1

Try to stack all the boxes on one level. They must not touch the floor and must be above BARNEY's eyes. In the first and last levels the elements are stacked by drag and drop. In the following levels there are also boxes and stones which explode or which have to be shot. The ones who have already some experience with Angry Birds can be happy. You can recognize elements to shoot by the writing "SHOOT". The boxes and stones have to be shot in every level until there are no more elements left to shoot. Patience and fine motor skills are necessary! In "BARNEY THE BOX" there are about 60 different levels with new elements and degrees of difficulty.

The game is for those of you who want to improve their fine motor skills and to train their patience. "BARNEY THE BOX" is optimal for everybody who likes explosions, who likes to shoot and order boxes, stones and other forms. Furthermore, one should be open for all different kinds of enigmas and one should have some cleverness.

Gameplay Barney the Box

You can collect trophies in different ways:

- Winner: 66 levels successfully completed

- Loser: lost in 20 levels

- Explosion: made 9 explosions

- Toucher: touched the display more than 2000 times

- Slowest: more than 100 seconds to finish level (21 times)

- Fastest: less than 6 seconds to finish a level (6 times)

Gameplay Barney the Box

You have the possibility to compare your collected points with your Facebook friends. The only thing you must do is to login to facebook and accept the facebook app. After that the highscore checks all your facebook friends who also play "Barney the Box". Be the best and show them who helps Barney the most.
Furthermore you could recommend "Barney the Box" to your facebook friends. This would help us to spread the app all over the world and so we tell you a big thanks beforehand.

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